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Join the OffNow Coalition


Today, I would like to tip my hat to Michael Boldin, The Tenth Amendment Center, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and all those who have joined the OffNow Coaltion. If you’re visiting this page on Tuesday, February 11,  you’ll notice “The Day We Fight Back” banner covering the bottom half of the page (and if you’re visiting this page after February 11, I trust that you probably visited a website that was displaying a banner). Efforts like these are great at uniting people and getting a boatload of messages to Congress all in a single day. But I don’t want the enthusiasm to all be spent in that one day.

Michael Boldin OffNow Coaltion

Michael Boldin

This is why I highly encourage those who desire to stop NSA spying to join the OffNow Coalition. I did and now I am constantly updated on the efforts around the country to nullify unconstitutional data gathering (of course, you don’t have to get every update if you don’t want to). It is coalitions such as these that overcome the coordination problem facing any political movement and the bigger it is the more effective it is in stopping the spying.

The OffNow Coalition has already helped to get the 4th Amendment Protection Act bills to get proposed in several states, including Maryland, where a data center is located. While writing and calling Congress is important (at least in the sense that our consent was expressly denied, thus decreasing the federal government’s claim to legitimacy), I think the effective political means of stopping the spying is through state nullification. In fact, while others are rightfully sour on using political means to change things, I think the nullification movement can be a game changer and indeed already has when it comes to things like the REAL ID Act and marijuana criminalization.

Thus,  I would ask you to consider joining the coalition and letting me know your decision.

Snowden OffNow Coalition