There are a great number of things out there available to read and watch. Here are some of my recommendations. Please check back periodically for updates.


Economics in One Lesson – Henry Hazlitt. This is a very easy-to-read book that gives one an introduction to economic reasoning. I find economic reasoning to be much more important that knowing “economic facts.” Being able to cite a study that, say, shows that teen unemployment increased after an increase in the minimum wage is good, but not as good as understanding exactly why. Hazlitt will help you do this.

For A New Liberty – written by Murray N. Rothbard, it was this classic that made me realize the moral illegitimacy of the State. It provides a good overview for why government isn’t necessary to deal with a variety of issues, including policing, courts, defense, poverty, drugs, etc. (PDF)


Bleeding Heart Libertarians – The writers of this blog take approaches to issues that might be different from what you typically hear from libertarians. As with Anarcho-Buddy!, where I want to present the image of a free market anarchist as someone who advocates non-aggression instead of as a bomb-thrower, the BHL writers seem to have the desire to have libertarianism shed off its reputation of not caring for the marginalized. They present powerful cases for why it should be advocates of liberty who are seen as the champions of the less powerful.

The New Polis – This is the web-version of a print pamphlet created by myself and a friend. It advocates the decentralization of power and reliance on family and community, rather than the government.

Pro Libertate – A wonderful blog written by Idaho’s own William Norman Grigg. He thoroughly covers the rampant abuses of Amerika’s police departments in every form that they take. I highly recommend subscribing. Everything he writes is worth reading.

Resources – This is an effort by Tom Woods to create a list of free resources for a self-education in economics. – A resource that provides full college level courses in logic, economics, US history, and Western Civilization. I am a subscriber (if you click-through my link here and subscribe, you will be supporting Anarcho-Buddy! and make me very happy).

Websites – the best-read libertarian website in the world.

YouTube Channels

LearnLiberty – This channel provides videos with fairly high production values that discuss things such as economics, philosophy, and political economy from professors of a wide variety of intellectual foundations.

TomWoodsTV – I very much respect Thomas E. Woods as a person, a scholar, and as a figure in the liberty movement. He is an outstanding historian of US history and is able to supplement that with his understanding of economics, which makes him an invaluable resource for dispelling economic myths about American history.


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