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Does Libertarianism Spoil Sports?


I think a dedication to non-aggression is a wonderful thing and the further that dedication goes the better the world will be.

However, it can be distressing at times to learn how things aren’t as pure and innocent as you once thought they were. This can apply to the major professional and college sport leagues.

Benny from The Sandlot

Benny from “The Sandlot”

From an early age, as many young boys (and girls) do, I have had a fascination with sports; most particularly with baseball early on. I could sympathize with Benny from the classic The Sandlot when it was said that to most of the kids, baseball was a game; to Benny, baseball was life. It actually seemed weird to call it a sport, as it would then be in the same category as certain other activities. To me, it was in a category by itself.

In more current days, I have found myself having a preference for basketball, both to play and observe. I think the biggest reason for my preference of play is simply due to the fact that it is much easier to organize an impromptu basketball match than baseball (which leads me to believe that there ought to be more opportunities for adults to enjoy playing baseball without having to resort to that watered down version called “softball”). As well, following baseball is much harder. There are way more players to keep track of with more frequent movement between minor and major leagues. There are almost twice as many games in a Major League Baseball season as there are in an NBA one, which dilutes their importance. But even with twice as many games, teams will play the same five or so teams in their division repeatedly while inter-league play between the American and National Leagues is relatively uncommon. As well, playoff structure has problems. There definitely could be improvements in how the league works. Read the rest of this entry