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In the fall of 2012, I was a writer for Adam Kokesh’s news show on his YouTube channel. This category includes the videos that he produced that I wrote. It’s too bad he didn’t make use of all that I wrote for him, because the rejections weren’t too bad (if I do say so, myself). I might consider including them on this blog later.

For “Whom” the Bell Tolls


Here is another video based on a script I wrote for Adam vs. The Man. Please let me know what you think.


Living Under Drones


This is a piece about a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. It seems so obviously repugnant to any sense of decency or morality and yet it seems to be a subject seldom talked of. The President of the United States is mass murdering civilians at will. Of course, this in itself is nothing new. What is new, to my knowledge, is that presidents have not previously had the ability to create murder lists and the ability to carry them out with remote control planes of death.

Even more amazing is that this is not limited to foreigners, the lives of whom most Americans couldn’t really care less about. The President has murdered multiple Americans without trial. Now the government is trying to push the use of drones over American soil. I don’t think one need be a conspiracy theorist to be concerned for their freedom and safety in light of this issue.

Finally, what is most baffling to me is why those in the media and elsewhere who seem to very much dislike the president are relatively silent about this, as far as I can tell. If you were running for president against this man, how could you possibly have a better trump card? “You murder children!” would seem to win just about any argument in such a context. And yet, I don’t recall Mitt Romney ever bringing such an issue up (probably because he wanted the same power himself).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and continue the fight against evil, in whatever form it may take.

Now Writing for Adam Kokesh


A few weeks ago I was invited to write news segments for Adam Kokesh’s new Adam vs. The Man News show on YouTube. This is the first one that was produced:

You can see the full pilot episode here.

Disclaimer: I can assure you that any colorful language used was added by someone else. I am careful about how I write, not wanting to needlessly offend people with curse words or vulgar terms. I think voluntarism has a place for everyone and should not be confused with libertinism.

What is kind of funny about it is that I auditioned several months ago. Adam wanted me to write four days a week. I said I would rather write two days a week. I didn’t hear back from him for several months. Since then, I had discontinued listening to his show because I had actually found him to be too offensive for my tastes. He seemed to be on the side of good since he was promoting the voluntarist message, but I sincerely hope he’s not turning anyone away in the process.

I was offered a writer position a few weeks ago, now with the promise of being paid $2.50 for every 1000 views my videos get (I’m still waiting to see that money, but I’ll let you know when it comes). As well, I was told that AVTM was interested in getting our work as writers promoted, though I’m not sure how that works since we aren’t even cited as contributors to my knowledge. So I decided to try it, at least for a while…

Let me know what you think, whether it be of this story, Adam Kokesh, whatever.