For “Whom” the Bell Tolls


Here is another video based on a script I wrote for Adam vs. The Man. Please let me know what you think.


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  1. I’m sorry, but I find this absolutely ridiculous! Eliminating the word “whom” from the dictionary because it has fallen out of use reminds me much more of the way businesses work (profitable firms remain, while unprofitable ones exit the market). Just as an unprofitable firm, a word which is no longer used should “exit the market”.

    I cannot agree that any and all actions taken by the government are by default evil actions (or that they have some malicious intent behind them). This is quite possibly the most exaggerated form of the slippery slope fallacy I’ve ever heard. Removing the word “whom” from common use is similar to eliminating the word “liberty” in order to get rid of our ability to conceptualize the idea? Seriously? There are no malintentions behind this, and I would argue whether or not the debate is even being driven by “the government”. It has been a debate among grammarians for a while now.

    Inventing conspiracy theories about the government does much more damage to the libertarian cause than intellectual opponents of libertarianism ever can.

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