Roderick T. Long – Invisible Hands and Incantations: The Mystification of State Power

Roderick T. Long

Roderick T. Long

In this essay, Rod Long covers several topics masterfully, including:

  • The spontaneous order mechanisms of the State
  • How, contrary to popular opinion, big corporations and big government largely reinforce and support one another
  • How the status quo in America doesn’t even closely resemble a free market
  • Uses the Star Wars prequels as an analogy for the relationship between corporations and government
  • Why the default is for government to grow
  • The incentives for the mainstream media to be biased (I find this especially interesting. MSM is unquestionably biased but why?)
  • How the blatant contradictions between political reality and people’s perceptions of it can exist
  • Strategies of Resistance

I certainly trust that you will find it as worth reading as I did. It is so insightful and honestly tries to uncover why things as they are instead of simply saying, “It’s just public school indoctrination,” or something like that.

Please read Invisible Hands and Incantations: The Mystification of State Power


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