Lack of Rational Thought


Teacher Picket SignsI know it’s hard to convey thought on something the size of a picket sign, but in the case of what’s pictured above, I think it can be done. What the signs above could more accurately say instead are, “I don’t want to have to compete,” and “I want involuntary customers.”

Statements like “vouchers hurt public schools” display a lack of rational thought. What exactly do vouchers do? Well, under typical circumstances in American schooling, a parent choosing to send her child to a private, parochial, or home school must pay twice: once in property taxes for the public school, again in fees for the school the child goes to. What a voucher is intended to do is allow that parent to pay only once for her school of choice. Thus, “vouchers hurt public schools” because they allow someone to forgo paying for something she doesn’t use. If only we all could force others to pay us for nothing in return and then cry foul when they want to stop paying us.

“Kids before corporations” is intended to appeal to people’s knee-jerk and, frankly, dumber sensibilities. “Corporations” is used as a buzz-word meant to conjure images of faceless men in suits whose only desire is to make money. But even if that is the case, what no corporation can do is force you to pay for and use its services and threaten you with jail if you don’t. And yet this us exactly what public schools do. It’s unclear how preventing competition in schooling somehow benefits kids. It is clear, however, how this benefits public school employees.

I’m growing weary of seeing all kinds of illogical and poorly thought out political speech. I can’t help but think that the reason it keeps being produced is that there are large enough groups of people out there who fall for it.


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