Senator Marv Hagedorn the Bootlicker

In the same way one might write to the neighbor who lives above them to request that they would kindly turn their TV down and put their kids to bed at a reasonable hour and cease doing other annoying things, I wrote to those people who have this fallacious idea that they represent me. As evidence to how silly this idea is, I haven’t even heard of these people that I’m contacting, much less actively decided that they can make ANY decisions in my name. The particular crime that I want them to not commit in this instance was that of implementing some type of government health exchange. Reprinted below is the response I received from Marv Hegedorn, who is such a sycophant to the federal government that I had to consult a thesaurus to find a less offensive term of what he is. What I found most interesting about it wasn’t the cowardice, the non sequiturs, or the grammatical errors. It was the, most likely unintentional, admonition that representative government is a joke. Idahoans, according to him, would have no control of a federal exchange, which is correct. But don’t Idahoans, along with all other Americans, control the federal government? Obviously not! So, instead of doing what we are (falsely) told is the purpose of the State (to protect persons and property), Hagedorn kowtows to the feds, quite willing to be their tool. I hope this post shows up whenever somebody puts this pansy’s name into a search engine. 
Thanks for taking the time to drop me a note, I do appreciate hearing from my neighbors about what they think about our options on the Healthcare Exchange.
We have before us 2 options, have some sort of State Exchange or a Federally run Exchange.  Some will debate that we have a third choice, but that’s not what our choices are.  
I have never been a fan of Obamacare, I would much prefer free market solutions, so we sued over it’s constitutionality in 2010.  All 26 states that stood along side of us lost that argument and now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Our choices are clear on S1042, we either vote “No” which clears the way for the Federal Exchange in Idaho with zero oversight by Idahoans, or a “Yes” vote that will allow us some input on implementation and allowance of local Idaho businesses to have access to sell on the Exchange.
It also allows us to ride herd on the feds forcing them to at least answer our mail with questions and concerns we have about regulations and direction of the federal requirements.  We would not have this option should we support the Federal exchange option instead.
I am open to debate and discussion, however, everything that I have studied thus far, makes me lean to supporting a “non-profit type” exchange with State oversight, while not expending ANY State General Fund Tax Dollars.  I do not want to see a new agency built or General Funds used in the creation of operation of the State Exchange.  I have found data that shows it can be done without State Dollars and can be self sustaining at a cost lower than any Federal Exchange can be… and that will mean a less expensive solution for those Idahoan’s that will be using it. 
The past behavior of the Federal government in overspending and printing their own funds to make ends meet has not and will not change until we elect a responsible Congress and President.  Those who believe the Feds won’t print more money to create their exchange if given a chance is disregarding the history and behavior of this current federal government.  I have not and will not underestimate their ability to put us farther in debt for things like this.  I will not support giving free access to our state to create another bloated organization to operate something that’s not likely to meet Idahoan’s needs.
To this date, I am leaning in support of a State Exchange for the reasons I’ve stated above.


Senator Marv Hagedorn

Idaho State Senate



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