Lawmaker asks to be paid in gold – Kevin Cirilli –


To be honest, I like some of the things coming out of Montana recently, such as the Firearms Freedom Act. State governments are still States, and are therefore illegitimate, but decentralization is preferable to centralization. In this case, an MT legislator says he should be paid in gold, that the US Constitution requires it. Now, he may have an argument since it states that the states are to use nothing but silver and gold as tender in payment of debts. But it’s not like the government hasn’t done things directly contradicting the Constitution before.

I doubt he’ll be successful in getting his request granted but it’s good to see someone who is part of the state apparatus to point out the emperor’s lack of clothes, especially in something as crucial as the Federal Reserve and paper money, which might as well be the single most important thing in terms of how the State has gotten as large as it is today. If they didn’t have a monopoly on money, it is very unlikely that we would have as many wars, business cycles, inflation, welfare-statism, or many other of the myriad of things that exist.

I certainly hope that Jerry O’Neil will exchange his paper dollars for metal. As more people refuse to do transactions in Federal Reserve Notes that they could do through barter or some other exchange, the currency will lose legitimacy and we can move past this period in history that I’m certain our posterity will say, “Didn’t those idiots know that paper money was bound to become worthless?”


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  1. geogre gordon demanded and was paid in gold by the state of Idaho back around 1985 or there abouts. won’t get it if you don’t demand it

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