Serve and Protect?


It seems strange that so few people admit, though they seem to know well enough, that the presence of cops does not make them feel safe, but uneasy. Nobody else even thinks of giving you tickets for doing the most harmless of acts. Perhaps they are annoyed by it, or even think there ought to be a law against it, but will not do the dirty work themselves of using force to prevent and/or punish the one doing such an act. In the video above, a man is cited by two police officers for spitting. Now, this is much preferable to them kicking down innocent people’s doors and shooting them. However, I hardly think I’m being too idealistic or Utopian in saying that it is possible to have such a world where police have a mandate only pursue those who have aggressed against another’s person or property, since for most of the world’s history police weren’t knocking down people’s doors to prosecute them for having illegal substances, nor were they harassing them for expelling saliva.

What’s necessary is for people to stop being sheep and defending the statist policing institution regardless of what crimes they commit.


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