Shift – Liberty in North Korea


Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is an organization that came to my campus this spring. One of the things they do is help refugees from North Korea resettle in other places, such as South Korea and the US. I like this, as it is applying the method of Opting Out.

I will put the disclaimer that I don’t like some of the language used in the video, such as “In the 18th century, we believed that Africans were less than human.” I’m not sure to whom “we” is supposed to refer, but I assume it’s Americans, past and present, in general. But it is a principle of methodological individualism that only individuals act. I, for one, and I trust you, the reader, never supported chattel slavery. To say that “we” believed in slavery in this way is nonsense.

Other than that, they are correct in saying that perceptions matter and that we might not even be aware of them. In my own experience, even though it was right under my nose if I had bothered to look, it’s obvious that the State does things that would be considered criminal if private individuals did them. But I never questioned that the State should exist until their criminal nature was pointed out to me and a rational alternative was proposed. Likewise, when many people think of North Korea, they see a closed, communist society that has a nuclear program. Often missing from the analysis is that communism kills people, mostly through starvation and deprivation due to irrational economic policies, as well as a totalitarian regime that kills dissenters.

Thus, I want to do what I can to lend support to this organization in the hopes that North Korean society will become open enough such that charitable organizations will allow greater opportunity to help people there. I would totally be interested in sponsoring a little North Korean boy or girl. Anyway, check them out if you’re interested.


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