David Seaman – Civil Liberties Hipster


I’ve been following David Seaman’s YouTube channel for a while now, and he seems to keep me pretty up to date with electronic privacy issues, the NDAA, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, and related issues without being too overwhelming in output. He is also running for Congress, but I haven’t looked too much into what he believes about most other things (though I have some idea when he says he’d rather see money being spent on the TSA go to education or NASA. Is there not a way to improve the education levels of Americans or space exploration without expropriating funds through the threat of force?). In this particular video he talks about a story in The New York Times regarding an FBI agent’s laptop that was hacked and found to have many data about individual iPhone users. The majority of Seaman’s video is a complaint about the comments by reddit users who make light of the fact that the government is spying on people. Good for him. I do, however, question parts of his call to action, particularly the portion in which he says that one should write his or her congressman to threaten to support his opponent if he does nothing to stop these abuses. The problem is that hardly anyone in Congress cares about individual liberties or privacy, and the same applies to their potential opponents. Even worse, their opponent might want to destroy your privacy even more. As well, with politicians you are buying a packaged deal, and an improvement in privacy might be bundled with someone who wants to tax you even more. (I also question whether sending money to the ACLU is the best thing to do to advance civil liberties). Other parts of his call to action seem much better, like contacting local media outlets and addeing them to cover these stories. Not sure how effective it will be (I plan to try this myself) but I’m so glad it is something outside of the political process. I grow tired of the inefficacy of democracy, where people think voting is the only way to change things. This reminds me of another video I saw today by Tom Woods. He created a new page on his website: tomwoods.com/afterpaul. It is about what practical actions individuals can take to advance liberty in a post-Ron Paul political environment. Personally, I’m not sure what the best way to advance the Non-Aggression Principle is, but I looking forward to learning it with you.


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