No One is Safe From the Police State (including ex-Marines)


I suppose I could get in trouble with some Marine veterans, since there is no such thing as an “ex-Marine.” But various individuals who happened to formerly be active-duty Marines have had terrible experiences with law enforcement for no apparent or good reason.

Brandon Raub

The most recent case is that of Brandon Raub of Virginia. He apparently wrote things on Facebook critical of the government and was arrested and assigned to a mental institution without being charged. You can read the full account by William Norman Grigg here and Lawrence Hunter here.

Victim of shooting, Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.

Another case was that of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., whose Life Alert necklace was accidentally set off (have you seen the design for those things? I wouldn’t be surprised if false alarms happened all the time).

The police came to his home and he claimed he didn’t need help. They broke down his door, tasered him, and shot him dead. A NY grand jury decided that no criminal charges would be filed against the police. Mr. Chamberlain’s family is suing the government. Wikipedia page.

Jose Guerena

And you might remember the death of Jose Guerena last year, who was shot 22 times by a SWAT team executing a search warrant. Contrary to the accounts given by police, he fired no rounds at them. No drugs were found. Here is a video account:

Of course, the fact that these men were in the Marine Corps increases the notoriety of their stories, but it doesn’t make the acts against them more egregious than if they were civilians all of their lives. But what it does demonstrate is that no one is safe from the police state.


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